Why is important a local recycling infrastructure

Updated: May 3, 2019

Perth is one of the most isolated and unpolluted cities in the world, after the China Ban on plastic waste, it is time to create a local industry to reprocessing part of our waste.

Recycle today for a better tomorrow

We have a good example in our neighbours in SA

A local recycling and reprocessing industry would add a big value to the state economy for example our neighbors in South Australia have an established resource recovery industry with an annual turnover of around $1 billion, contributing more than $500 million to Gross State Product in South Australia, employing around 4,800 people, largely in the local government and the private sector. Also, in SA the amount of recovered materials exported is relatively small in comparison with the amount re‑processed locally, with 87 per cent of all recovered material reported reprocessed within South Australia, 8 per cent was processed interstate and 5 per cent was exported overseas.

the value in the recycling industry is impressive

According to China’s People’s Daily newspaper, the value of the recycling industry in China could be worth more than $1 trillion — and account for 40 million new jobs — by 2030.

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