The nightmare of every Plastic Manufacturer.

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

White HDPE lump

If your business is making plastic products, maybe the photo on the left is a recurring image of your nightmares.

Beautiful, clean, new and high quality plastic developed into large, heavy and unusable blocks. Turned into waste. It’s a situation that, beyond your nightmares, materializes constantly in each change of shift, mold, material, color, etc...

Each of these blocks adds tons of plastic that you must buy again to replenish your inventory, which is an undesirable loss for any business. In addition to this, what happens with each block? The most likely response is to end up in the landfill, where it will be centuries before it can degrade… Certainly, a bad situation in all aspects.

Your business loses, your community loses, our planet loses. We all lose. It’s a reality that triggers a big question: if you had the opportunity to do something about it, would you do it? If there was an option to recover that material and incorporate it into your productive chain instead of throwing it away, would you take it?

HDPE plastic lump on top of granulated HDPE mixed colours

Here at Green Machines Lab we have the machinery necessary to convert these huge pieces of plastic into small fragments that can easily be reinserted into the productive process. We give you the opportunity to reuse your own material while maintaining the quality of your product and helping the environment at the same time. In other words, you reuse your own raw material instead of discarding it, improving your production and pollution indicators (going hand in hand with the Australian Waste Strategy 2030) right here in Western Australia, supporting the circular economy.

Do you want to optimise your productive processes? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and waste generation? Do you want to prepare for the Australian Waste Strategy 2030 and go one step further? Surely we have a service plan that adapts to your needs. Contact us

White granulated Nylon

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