We got a Grant!

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

To continue our mission to unpollute the world day by day

At Green Machines Lab we are quite excited to be awarded with 2 grants from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson has announced $2.29 million in grants to improve waste management and increase recycling across Western Australia.

GML's grants would focus to create 2 pilot programs;

· onshore plastics recycling and reprocessing infrastructure.

· to set up a sorting facility of plastic waste in Henderson Waste Recovery Park.

We are part of other 28 local projects for waste avoidance and recovery, all the projects are aligned with the State's Waste Strategy 2030.

We were selected after an independent panel assessment of 90 applications to the latest grants round of the Community and Industry Engagement (CIE) program.

Minister Dawson also stated his commitment to improve the plastic reprocessing infrastructure here in WA, after he said; "I'm keen to see more recycling and reprocessing of plastics locally here in Western Australia, I am pleased to see that a number of organizations are developing our local ability to recycle plastics and welcome the increase in this capacity".

This is a great news and also a big commitment to implement those projects as it is expected for our community and stakeholders.

Stay in touch via this channel, where we will publish photos and news on the progress of these exciting and challenging new ventures.

Here is the link for the official article:


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